On this website you will find a variety of resources that support you in healing, discovering, and living your fullest potential. Through an array of books, psychotherapy services, spiritual guidance and mentoring programs, events, trainings, and articles, together we explore how to engage a psychological and spiritual journey that is grounded, embodied, radiant, and relationally fulfilling. Together we are more than any of us alone. Together we can thrive.


Dr. Mariana Caplan is a licensed psychotherapist (lic.#50312) who is dedicated in supporting individuals, couples, and families to heal and thrive. For over two decades she has provided a confidential, safe, and compassionate space for deep inner exploration that allows clients not only to heal their deep wounds, but to live fully and thrive.
Specialties include:

  • Individuals and Couples
  • Spiritual Issues and Crises
  • Trauma and Body-Centered (Somatic) Work
  • Consultation for Spiritual Teachers and Communities in Crisis

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Office in Fairfax, CA and via Skype
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(415) 320-5966; mariana@realspirituality.com

This is a great year of travel for my son and I! I got on my first international flight when I was seven-years-old when my grandfather took us on my first trip to Israel for my oldest brother’s Bar Mitzvah, stopping in London on the way home. I swore then that I would become a flight attendant (then called stewardess) when I grew up so I could travel the world for free. When I was 15, I was introduced to Central and South America through exchange programs and getting to tag along on a college program with my best friend’s cool University Professor father who was leading a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In college at the University of Michigan, I quickly learned that there was a field called Anthropology [Read more…]


The spiritual path is a rocky road, full of potholes and pitfalls, and not meant to be traveled alone. Yet many people do not have  reliable teachers or necessarily want one. For others, their spiritual identity is more eclectic and they don’t necessarily have a spiritual “home”, yet still want and need support. In Buddhism, kalyana mitta refers to the “spiritual friend” whose function is not that of a spiritual teacher, but as an ally and friend who supports, serves as a sounding board, holds the intensity that the spiritual path often brings, and is a heart friend. I have spent over twenty years immersed in the worlds great spiritual traditions, with a deep focus on Hinduism/yoga, Buddhism, Sufism and Judaism, and with a great respect for the many ways individuals incorporate newer and older spiritual traditions into their lives. I have consulted in numerous spiritual scandals, supported teachers in various stages of their development and challenges in their roles, and helped countless students to discover and have the courage to make their own spiritual choices.   [Read more…]


The Yoga & Psyche Project addresses a comprehensive integration of Western psychology and ancient yoga practice featuring living research from the world’s cutting-edge trauma researchers and neuroscientists, renowned modern yogis, and leading psychologists. The scope of the project to date, under the guidance of Dr. Caplan, includes: the forthcoming book, Yoga & Psyche (Sounds True, 2018, in press), published academic research (The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2013), the creation of The Yoga & Psyche Method™, the first international Yoga & Psyche Conference in San Francisco in 2014, an academic volume on the subject (Cambridge Scholar’s Press, Spring, 2016); and a series of trainings on the subject offered in the San Francisco Bay area, through online global education, and in retreat centers throughout the world.
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Order Proceedings from The Yoga & Psyche Conference (2014) – the first academic volume on the intersection of Yoga and Western Psychology: Click here.
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