About the Project

Participate in the creation of a field where you, alongside the world’s cutting-edge trauma researchers, renowned modern yogis, and leading psychologists, explore a comprehensive integration of Western psychology and ancient yoga practice.

In this field, the vast and ancient philosophy, science, and practice of yoga lies intermingled with the relatively new field of Western psychology, and the important innovations of somatics and neuroscience. When these two bedmates bring together each of their gifts, a new creation is born that is greater than either alone, and brings new evolutionary possibilities with it.

In April, 2014, a group of 200 yoga teachers, practitioners, psychologists, neuroscientists, and trauma researchers representing over a dozen countries, gathered together in San Francisco for The Yoga & Psyche Conference – the first academic conference in the Western world on the integration of yoga and Western psychology. From this gathering were sown the seeds of a field of integration that has already begun to emerge, but that is gaining increasing momentum, and invites all those who love, teach, and practice these two great traditions to participate in bringing forth.