Zion and Mariana

This is a great year of travel for my son and I! I got on my first international flight when I was seven-years-old when my grandfather took us on my first trip to Israel for my oldest brother’s Bar Mitzvah, stopping in London on the way home. I swore then that I would become a flight attendant (then called stewardess) when I grew up so I could travel the world for free. When I was 15, I was introduced to Central and South America through exchange programs and getting to tag along on a college program with my best friend’s cool University Professor father who was leading a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In college at the University of Michigan, I quickly learned that there was a field called Anthropology in which people actually explored culture as a profession and way of life, and graduated winning an award for my photographical thesis on Cultural Preservation and Transformation in an Indigenous Village in Costa Rica, where I had lived in the rainforest with three indigenous women for several months when I was twenty-one, and invested my award into the next trip. Whereas I later changed my focus to psychology, yoga, and spirituality, and began traveling as a professor, yoga teacher, and author, I have never stopped traveling – for work, personal exploration, teaching, and simply because it is my favorite thing to do in the world.

Long ago I vowed that if I were to be gifted a child in this life, I would share with him, her, or them, the world which I have so come to love, and still passionately yearn to explore just as I did when I got on my first international flight at seven-years-old, and ever never ceased to explore since then. My almost-seven-year-old son Zion and I will be moving through 9 countries in two extended trips throughout the rest of 2017. I have not decided whether I will use the opportunity to share with readers the joys I have found in traveling with a young child to developing world countries, and empower others to discover the means, frames, and ways to make travel accessible with children of all ages, and realize that it is within a fingertip’s reach. Or, I may just go far, far away, and post some pictures on Facebook, and let Zion post some, and see what we can do with our new and first underwater camera. Whatever I’m sharing will be found here. I look forward to seeing you in the new year!