Consultation Services

Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.
~ Emily Dickinson

Consultation Services

I am currently offering my services as a Consultant focused on project-based efforts that are aimed at solutions to global issues. I am particularly interested in philanthropic pursuits where my unique skillsets can be useful. I bring over 20 years of research, teaching, and the publication of nine books, that are translated into over a dozen languages on topics related to intersection of psychology, spirituality, yoga, world religions, and contemporary spiritual traditions. My clinical work as a psychotherapist included consulting, mediating, and providing psychological services to spiritual and religious teachers/leaders, communities, and emergencies, as well as creating preventative psychological health programs for spiritual and religious groups. I have mediated, advised, and supported healing in many large spiritual scandals. Specializing in trauma and somatics (body-centered) psychology, I supported individuals, couples, and families, and initiated school yoga programs for high-risk youth.

My Psychotherapy and Spiritual Guidance practices are currently closed. I will continue to take a limited number of specific cases as a Psychological and Spiritual Consultant where my skills are uniquely helpful. I am currently mentoring and supervising a group of talented psychotherapists, psychiatrists, coaches, yoga therapists, clergy, and peer counselors to provide the specific types of services I have offered over many years, and am developing a strong referral base to offer you. To learn more about the Psychological Services and Spiritual Guidance I have offered and are mentoring others in, see my Spiritual Guidance, Somatics (Body-Centered) and Trauma, and Individual/Couples specializations.

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May the heat of suffering become the fire of love.
~ Lee Lozowick