Daylong Immersion 

February 10, 2018

On February 10, 2018, a daylong immersion will be offered at CIIS for those who wish to pursue the topic more in depth and start to begin to experience the benefits of this integration in their own lives; as well as for those already involved in this synthesis to refresh, deepen, and benefit from the new energy and perspectives pouring into this integration as a result of the new offerings set forth in the book.

This  interactive and experiential day will include discovering and experiencing the benefits of current Yoga & Psyche research; experiential practice of their integration in both psychotherapeutic and yoga contexts; the new and potent innovations in somatics, neuroscience, and trauma healing and how they impact this integration; and how you can be a part of the creation of a field in which you can have a unique role in its unfolding.

Dr. Caplan has been integrating Somatic Experiencing and Yoga since 2006 and has taught trainings on this integration with Peter Levine in 2016 and for the Somatic Experiencing Institute in 2017, so attendees will specifically discover how Somatic Experiencing methodology seamlessly weaves and supports yoga at a profound level, as well as how yoga adds a mystical and tantric dimension to Somatic Experiencing as these two great fields meet, evolve, and become more as the result of the inclusion of the other.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

10:30 am – 4:30 pm

$100 Early Bird; $125 after January 1, 2018