Psychological Support on the Spiritual Path: 12-Week Online Psychospiritual Inquiry Group

Dates: 12 Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 PST, September 24-November 20
Tuition: $700
Registration opens soon. If you are interested, inquire at to set up an interview to reserve a spot.

Join a group of like-minded trailblazers for 12-week journey of inner inquiry and external transformation as we draw upon the essential discernments, practices, and method gleaned from the innovations in somatic psychology, neuroscience, and trauma research/healing. We will apply these powerful lenses in our exploration of our own unique individual spiritual journeys. Open to practitioners of any religious/spiritual path or orientation, we will explore and include our psychological wounds, traumas, and challenges, as well as our unique gifts and capacities, as doorways to explore deep psychological and trauma healing, spiritual transformation, and personal and vocational thriving.

The group is guided, confidential, safe, and offers a place for you to learn about and experientially explore your own psychological depths and possibilities in a structured and supportive environment. Our inquiry will traverse many interrelated topics including: trauma, the body, the Somatic ExperiencingĀ® Method and its application to spiritual practice, embodied meditative practices, accessible yogic practices and breathing, and other depth-psychology informed practices.