Video Sessions

Having published books on psychology and spirituality since 1996, many of my clients work with me at a distance. I have consistently experienced the medium of video (or phone when necessary) to be as effective, or nearly as effective, as in-person sessions.* There are a variety of reasons people may choose to do sessions via video, or sometimes by phone: you may live in a part of the country or world where a therapist with the background you need simply isn’t available; you may have found through reading my books that there is a certain resonance to our shared approach to life; you may have a chronic illness or psychological challenge (e.g. agoraphobia) that makes it difficult to travel to a therapist’s office; or you may travel periodically throughout the year yet still want to maintain consistent weekly sessions.

These are some of the many reasons I have made video sessions available to my clients. People often ask me if meeting via video is a truly and effective means to do deep inner work. Ultimately, we need to discover together whether video sessions work for you and are appropriate for your particular situation. However, my experience thus far in working with people from around the world over several years is that for many people, video sessions are very effective and clearly maintain the intimate feeling of being in the room together. Most often I have found phone sessions tend to work best for temporary stretches (i.e., an illness, recovery from surgery). In some cases, however, I have worked very effectively with people over the phone for many years. Let us discover together whether working via video may be the right avenue for your inner work.

*The only disadvantage I have found in video work is having to navigate some technical difficulties at times, but I have many ways to work around this.
*When I work with individuals outside of the state of California via video I do it under the title of Spiritual Guidance and Consultation, which I am fully qualified to administer.